My first harvest

I have never wished I had x-ray vision so much until I started growing radishes! For days I googled “how to know when to harvest radishes” and read so many web articles and even watched Youtube clips. I even brought my ruler out to measure my radish tops. 

I have no green thumb feel baby, it’s all a science. 

Last weekend I couldn’t hold back any longer and harvested my first radish!

Isn’t it the cutest??

Head to my Instagram @rachelsdaybook to see the video 🙂 

It’s on the smaller end so I’ve left the rest to harvest in a few days! I’ve been thinking a lot about what to do with them and I think I’ll pickle them! So this one I’ve washed and wrapped in a paper towel and laid it carefully in my fridge. Hahahaa I’m so weird!

BTW aren’t those itty bitty basil sprouts adorable?? 


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