New companions

I’ve been reading a little bit about companion gardening, how planting some plants near or with each other can help in a natural way. Lavender brings the bees (and some colour and fragrance for me!) and marigold keeps away certain bugs and are highly recommended for co-planting with herbs and veges.

I don’t think I’ve given them enough space but we’ll see

The lavender’s got a nice big pot on it’s own and I’ve put a little marigold hedge between my two herbs that I’ve planted – Italian Parsley and Basil.

In goes the basil

Did you know it takes 28 days for the parsley to germinate?? What??? I had no idea! I should’ve just bought a seedling. What is the seed doing in there for so long? Hahaha

My radish seedlings are coming along really nicely and my spring onion has sprouted too, an update is on its way 🙂


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