Nursery Haul

Snobbery instantly turns me off. I don’t know if this is with all people, but I really can’t handle it.

They sell beautiful homewares too

I’m really lucky to have an amazing nursery not far from where I live called Eden Gardens. It’s a little boutique and is surrounded by beautiful gardens that people hold events and get married in. I’ve been itching to visit here just to ooh and ahh and see what was out there!

Look who was among the Lavender!

To celebrate my first radish sprouts I came in to just buy potting mix to plant some herbs – parsley and basil. But the larger 25kg potting mix was on sale so I ended up buying lavender and marigolds as well. Simon said I’m not allowed to go to nurseries without him anymore.

Spent $46.36. Now we’re up to $87.82… Indira this isn’t looking good!

Dreaming of a backyard…

Anyways I was having such a pleasant Saturday afternoon wandering around when I decided to ask one of the staff about liquid fertiliser. At my first shop, I bought some Organic Seaweed Fertiliser and I had some super newbie questions like:

  1. Should I use a separate container? (You don’t have to, just give it a good clean, it might also smell a lot)
  2. Should it be a spray bottle or watering can? (Depends on the fertiliser, if there’s no specific instructions on the bottle it should be okay)

The staff member asked “Which one did you buy?” to which I replied “Oh you don’t have it on your shelves, I just got it last week at Masters (a hardware store)”. She then paused and rolled her eyes. Like are you serious. Are you seriously a fertiliser snob.

I’ve always loved Eden even before I decided to try balcony gardening, honestly a bit turned off now.


Here’s my haul pic, right out of the boot, planting blog post is coming up next!


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