Small beginnings

I get a little obsessive. Ever since I’ve had this idea to start a balcony garden it’s all I’ve been reading about and thinking about! This is not new. It always starts this way and ends badly so I am wary… I guess my husband S is all too familiar with this and so was strict when we went to Masters for supplies. Thankfully I already had some pots and I stole a bucket from the in-laws so we just bought some tools, potting mix and seeds.

I mixed in some sand with the potting mix to help drainage

Indira Naidoo in ‘The Edible Balcony‘ said that in a year she spent $200 and produced 74kg of produce! That’s incredible right? She had so many different varieties and plants! Honestly I’m a bit cynical about those numbers. Only $200?? So I’ll be keeping a track of my spending too.

I spent $41.46 today.

Planting radish seeds

I didn’t buy enough potting mix (I’m horrible at estimating volumes) so I only filled one container and planted the spring onion and radish seeds. They use the same fertiliser so I thought that would be a good idea.

My little corner

I plan to get basil seeds and plant the basil and parsley together as a herb pot! I also plan to get a dwarf lemon tree… I can’t wait to get some greenery up here!

We have north facing balcony with plenty of sunlight

Now to be patient………………………….. *twiddles thumbs*


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