I have a balcony

I’ve always had an interest in gardening – I don’t know if it’s the small town Kiwi in me but I naively borrowed this book from the local library, gobbled it up on a sunny spring Saturday, and next minute I’ve set up a blog and taken photos of my balcony.

Two things about me: I love to document my mundane life and I am an oversharer. I own many unfinished blogs on the internet. Please adjust your expectations accordingly.

S has granted me permission to use the small balcony attached to our bedroom and we have agreed I can choose 3-4 plants! I have grown some lettuce before, and even some tiny eggplants, but I quickly lost interest and they died. That’s me though, passionate in the beginning, neglectful at the end. Hopelessly hopeful to try again.

My humble north-facing balcony

2 thoughts on “I have a balcony

  1. Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog and good luck with raising plants on your own balcony! It looks much bigger than mine so I am sure it will offer you some edible plants and, most importantly, lots of gardening pleasure!


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